Take Action!

As we go about our day to day lives, enjoying our families, our children, we rarely pay mind to the terrible things that might happen once one enters the family court arena. Having your children, your home, your livelihood all taken away from you unjustly and at the expense of your children’s future. You do not think this could happen to you, but it does, and to tens of thousands other parents every year. For those caught in this web of corruption, fighting against it is often not an option. Judges are elected or appointed, and for one to be removed from the bench requires nothing short of felony charges. State judicial boards designed to oversee these corrupt judges are staffed by these same judges. The legislation protects all of them with immunity. And should you speak out, you will be in front of these same judges who will then punish you for being an activist. Do not wait until you or someone you care about has their life ruined. Take action now.

While it seems like a herculean task, harder things have been accomplished. To enact change you will need to take action, the simplest of which is to contact your state and federal representatives. Tell them to take action to remove the incentives for corruption out of the family court; to change the state laws regarding custody. 50/50 custody should be the default with no exception except proven domestic violence or drug addiction, or other proven condition which would harm the children. Not just unsubstantiated accusations, but actual recent history with proof. Judges should not be able to bypass this based on their opinion, only in light of actual physical proof.

On a federal level, SSA Title IV Part D needs to be revamped to take the financial incentive out of the family courts. While President Obama did revise it to a degree (which included a reduction in unjust incarceration) it is still in violation of basic human rights. There cannot be any financial incentive for states to enable their family courts to create debtors prisons and indentured servants. Until this incentive is removed, shared parenting will continue to be an uphill battle.

How to help:

  • Support the causes that are out there such as the Father’s Rights movement, National Parents Organization, Americans for Equal and Shared Parenting, and the Dad Talk Today podcast. These are the very few voices that have the potential to reach outside the community, and they need to continue working. Don’t wait until you’re in this position, by then you will be economically unable to do much of anything.
  • Shame shame shame! Do you know someone that is doing this? Constantly babbling about a toxic ex while denying them access and collecting hefty child support checks? Is this a family member? Do not just go along with it. Question them, ask for the evidence! If a family member robbed a charity and made off with the money while publicly shaming that charity, would you go along with that to? Why let it go when they rob a perfectly innocent individual?
  • Change the law. There are many of you that are keenly aware of government overreach into our personal lives on the conservative side. Title IV-D steals money away from our retirement (social security) and uses it as a benefit program for the states. There are those on both sides of the isle who value personal liberty and fairness more than anything else, yet here we have this law that enslaves and silences millions of parents. Take action. This is one of the rare issues that is not a partisan issue, but affects all races, genders, and people from all walks of life.

We need you. We are shackled up, our children being used as a proverbial carrot, always so close, yet always out of reach. Take action before you or someone you love is the one left chasing it.