The Victims

RIP Ken Paton

The last words of Ken Paton:

I am the DAD that used to be,
You were my world, and you loved me
but mom said no, that’s how it has to be.

Love you forever and ever,
but your mom stopped that cause she’s more clever.

I’ll see you on the other side, and for now I’ll swallow my pride,
and do what I have to do, to make the world have a clue.

but mom says we are not allowed to.

NO seeing each other, no being a dad,
because that makes mommy really mad.

I hope you see this in due time,
that what mom does is a crime.

Canadian Father’s Rights Movement

Ken is just one of thousands, many of whose stories are forever buried in the forgotten dockets of their respective family courts. While suicide is not the answer and will not help to solve anyone’s problems, these victims should not be forgotten. has a comprehensive listing prior to 2011, though not updated since. Read those stories, and know that in nearly each one of those cases, there used to be a loving father who would one day be fishing with his grandchildren–had family court not ruined their lives.

Chris Mackney is yet another victim, please visit to learn more here.

Walter Scott, an innocent man shot to death fleeing arrest over child support payments.

Tom Ball – Self immolated in protest of family court. See full post.