Not Even Hunter Biden is Immune

Hunter Biden Caricature

[Update 08-2023: Apparently you can get away with gun crimes (owning a firearm while on hard drugs, a felony) but you are still on the hook for support!]

When even the president’s son is caught up in the family law racket, you know you are in trouble.

04/30/2023 — Hunter Biden Seeks to Reduce Child Support Payments

The president’s own son has now spent over $750,000 in child support payments on a 4 year old girl he fathered with a stripper, with monthly $20,000 payments. That is one expensive bottle of champagne.

Regardless of your feelings of the president’s son and his transgressions, the mind boggling fact that an innocent child has been used to extort nearly a million dollars is a blatant demonstration of the depravity of family law and our legal system. No doubt when you factor in attorney fees, this is a million dollar child so far and will likely be many more. Where is this money going? Daycare? Diapers? College fund? Unlikely. What child needs $750,000 tax free in their first four years of life?

Hunter now joins an exclusive club of those exploited by the system. And if being the president’s son and having an $850/hour attorney does not get you justice, then just imagine the uphill battle a regular non-custodial parent faces.

Children are not an asset to be bought and sold, they are not a get rich quick scheme, and they are not a lottery ticket. Perhaps one day our society will realize that. Though something tells me it will not, at least not until we start to face the same kind of population decline that Japan is facing. Until the young men who have not yet been enslaved by the system realize what a bad deal children and marriage are in the western world, this will continue unabated–if we let it.