In depth analysis and gathering of the media coverage surrounding parental rights can be found here.

Movies, Documentaries & Presentations:

Dr. Stephen Baskerville: How No Fault Divorce Empowers the State

Erasing Family – Newer documentary (2019). Now available via streaming.

The Red Pill Movie – A female journalist enters the world of Men’s Rights, a must watch for both sides of the argument.

Casualties of W.A.R. – Documentary regarding a several individuals and their journey through family court.

A VOID – British documentary (in progress as of 12/2020) where Ava Brighton follows the DV and anti-father industry.

Thunder Road – Fiction

Interview With Investigative Journalist Michael Volpe (Bev Cooper) – Reminiscent of a 90’s public access channel (because it is aired on a modern public access channel in IL) but full of excellent content. He goes over his book on Christopher Mackney’s murder and other notable cases in family law, the industry etc…

In the News:

03/11/2021 – Mother murders her child and commits suicide.

09/10/2020 – Man forced to pay $53,000 monthly support to ex-girlfriend despite not cohabitating.

06/30/2020 – In the Summer of 2020 Reuters did a fantastic multi-part series on about how judicial misconduct in the US goes largely unpunished. Parts II and Part III. This series is based only on CONFIRMED cases with those who were able to file the complaints. Today in many jurisdictions witnesses are barred from Family Court proceedings, where the wronged are routinely sentenced to silence in jails across the country.

04/10/2020 – Appeals court slaps down judge for illegal support order when wife was a bigomist

01/24/2020 – Child service worker allegedly forced a mother into prostitution

01/08/2020 – Kentucky judge accused of courthouse threesome is suspended

12/02/2019 – Mother charged with murder

11/29/2019 – Mother bitter over a reduction in child support due to 50/50 custody

11/21/2019 – Shared Parenting – MO

11/01/2019 – MO – Man killed woman over child support payments.

07/13/2019 – Is 50/50 Custody Presumption on its way to PA? – This article is written by an attorney outlet, which gets many facts wrong and attempts to paint shared parenting in a bad light.