When attempting to survive and navigate this process you will likely find yourself in the midst of several organizations that may or may not be helpful to you. Below are links to some of the organizations along with our summarized findings. Should you be the responsible party for any of these organizations please let us know if anything is inaccurate.


Real World Divorce. This is the only title we suggest you spend your money on. It is well researched and gives you a history and overview of the system. The website is the full text of the book, at no charge.

Change Agents:

National Parents Organization – Possibly the largest parents organization fighting the status quo. Legitimate 501(c).

The Father’s Rights Movement – Legitimate 501(c) with available IRS filings.

Americans for Equal and Shared Parenting – Mark Ludwig is the founder and active in his home state of Missouri and several others.

Dad’s Resource Center – Founded by Dr. Joel Myers to address parental inequality and improve children’s outcomes.

PLEASE ONLY DONATE TO THE ABOVE THREE ORGANIZATIONS AS THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO INDEPENDENTLY VERIFY AS HOLDING LEGITIMATE 501(C) STATUS (and are actively working to support parental and children’s rights.) If you feel another organization should be on this list, please contact us.

Men Are Human – Well organized resource that includes a thorough citation list for facts frequently ignored by the media. The citation list should be your first stop in learning about the reality of bias in our society.

FCLU – Unable to locate any 501(c) information. Asking for donations and membership fee but no known active projects. Donation accounts appear to be personal. We do not recommend donating to any private individuals.

ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union – They currently do not litigate in the family court arena despite it being the largest human rights violation in the united states. Please contact them to encourage a change here. Normally I would not even mention their organization due to the fact that they have turned a blind eye to children’s and parents’ rights, but there should be more pressure on them to act.

Facebook Pages and Groups:

The Father’s Rights (USA Group) – Facebook group for father’s rights, probably the largest.

The Father’s Right’s Movement (and various state offshoots) – Official Facebook page. Frequent posts and social engagement. Provide crisis line staffed by volunteers.

Fallen Fathers – Dedicated to those who have taken their own life after failing in family court. Most of these are direct victims whose voices have not been heard.

JFESP – Jews for Equal Shared Parenting

Title IV-D Funding Search – Here you can see how many hundreds of millions the state received in kickbacks by the federal government. The blog also some excellent commentary.

Title IV-D and Child Support Facts

Notable mentions:

There are many unscrupulous groups and pages out there collecting donations and willing to sell you how to guides for beating child support, many using contract law, federal, and constitutional arguments. We get it. In some cases the verdicts are not constitutional. But none of the forms and tactics they offer have been shown to work. All of these fail to backup any of their claims and do not have any actual verifiable dockets to affirm their assertions. They are grifters. The reality is that child support has gone to the supreme court, and it has stood. If celebrities with near infinite wealth have failed to overcome the corruption, your pro se filings probably will not either. The only way around it (aside from changing public opinion and rewriting the laws) is not a legal means nor identifying loop holes within state legislation. Once the latter happens it is unlikely to work for anyone else. AVOID all of these groups, and do not send any money to them or the individuals responsible. The only thing worse than the perpetrators of this inequity, is those who scam the victims for profit.